Real Estate Sale/Purchase Services

Real Estate Sale/Purchase

A successful transaction’s tone is set from inception by its attorney. It is critical that a client is working with someone they can trust who can handle all elements of the contract with care to ensure the closing is seamless. We will guide you through the complex real estate process with ease and professionalism. In addition to issues with a home’s title, we can help buyers and sellers negotiate the terms for dealing with property specific issues.

Real Estate Planning & Trust Services

Real Estate Planning & Trusts

Protect your legacy and secure your family’s future with our estate planning. There is no one right answer as everyone’s situation is different but the failure to do any sort of estate planning may lead to disaster for your spouse, children, or other family down the road. Plans can be made for probate avoidance or to take advantage of the benefits of the probate system.

Trusts are an important tool to estate planning; they can be quite flexible and adapted to varying uses. Setting up a trust properly can allow you to make sure you and your heirs are taken care of with clear and concise instructions. Trusts may be used for more than just real estate, you can include bank accounts, jewelry, automobiles, and many other tangible items. Our highly trained lawyers are in practice to provide you with estate plans tailored to your individual needs, leaving you relaxed and worry-free.

Short Sale Negotiation Services

Short Sale Negotiations

Short Sales can be an intimidating experience due to their complex nature. Having an attorney assist you with the process and defend your rights throughout can have a major impact not only on how you feel, but also on how you are able to recover financially after it is over. When homeowners fall on hard times, a short sale can be a good alternative to a foreclosure. For it to be successful, however, the lender must be persuaded to accept less than what is owed on the mortgage. At CPL, we thoroughly assess your entire financial picture and explore all available legal avenues to determine the best path forward to a favorable resolution.